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City and Regional Planning / Civil Engineering 775
Urban Transportation Planning

Semester Update

As of Fall 2012, the semester version of this course is being offered under a new number, CRP/CE 5700 . Most of the links below will automatically redirect you to the latest (CRP/CE 5700) versions of the material. Any materials associated with CRP/CE 775 should probably be considered obsolete.

General Note On This Course

CRP 775 is a joint course with Civil Engineering providing an introduction to the modeling techniques used to forecast traffic flows in urban and regional areas. It is a quantitative course, meaning that students will be doing lots of calculations with the models. In addition, we suppose that you have had at least a basic course in statistics, and understand what a derivative is. If you doubt your preparation for the course, the best thing to do is to attend the first few meetings, to get an idea of what you will be facing; and to ask the instructor(s). Remember, you have a couple of weeks during which you can drop courses without penalty.


  • Overview of course by Prof Mishalani — PDF format. This lists the two instructors, their office locations, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Syllabi:
    • First half of the course (2011) : PDF format.
    • Second half of the course (2011): PDF , HTML formats
  • 2011 Final Examination: the 775 final is scheduled for Thursday, December 8 from 3:30–5:20 pm in our regular classroom. It will cover all and only the material from the second half of the course.
  • Link to restricted site (see below)


  • We will not meet on Wednesday, November 23 (the day before Thanksgiving). This may help you make your travel plans.

The Restricted Website

Some materials have been placed on a restricted website, accessible only to KSA students. To access these materials, you will need to log in using your KSA login name and password. If you do not have access (for example, if you are not a KSA student), please see me: this applies specifically to students registered in Civil Engineering. We will provide you with temporary access, valid for this quarter only.

If you try to log in to the site from outside the KSA it is possible that just entering your KSA user name in the User name field will not work. If this happens, try entering knowlton\your_user_name (ie the name you use when logging on to the lab computers). You may be also asked for a specific Domain in a separate input field: the answer here is knowlton.

See here for further discussion of the login procedure, and a picture.

First Half Materials

  • Problem set 0 : this is to help you decide whether you have the necessary background for the course. It is not part of the formal course work, and will not be graded. Available in PDF from the restricted site.
  • Instructions for presenting solutions to the problem sets in period 1. Available in PDF from the restricted site.

Second Half Lecture Notes

These are all PDF files, available in two formats: the handout format is 4-slides-to-a-page (the format distributed in class); the projection format is 1-slide-to-a-page.

There is a table of contents for the mode-choice handouts available here .

Other Second Half Materials

  • 2010 Final Examination with answers: ( PDF )
  • Calculating the gravity model ( PDF )
  • Some Results from Duffus et al  ( PDF )
  • Derivation of Logit Probabilities ( PDF)
  • Discrete Choice models with R ( PDF ). As distributed in class. This version corrects an error : Rstudio is in fact a multiplatform GUI, available for both the Mac and for Linus.
  • Getting Started with Limdep for Windows  (PDF ). This is a companion to the material distributed in class, covering use of LIMDEP.
  • Answers to 2011 final examination (PDF)