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City and Regional Planning 781

The files here are intended for the use of students in C&RP 781 at OSU.

Most documents are available in two forms: as hypertext (HTML) and PDF files. The PDF files — which are correctly formatted — may require the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The HTML versions are produced by an automatic translator: if anyone notices that the symbols seem incorrect (for example, they don’t match those in the PDF files) I’d appreciate being told, especially if you are viewing the material on a Macintosh.

Basic Materials

  • Spring 2012 Course syllabus in HTML or PDF formats.
  • Link to CRP 781 restricted website: KSA login ID required.
  • Problems and Solutions in PDF format
  • Index to Call+Holahan in PDF format
  • Index to Friedman in PDF format
  • Revised Answer Set 4 from the Problems+Solutions: I think this has answers to questions 11 and 12, though some of the graphics to earlier questions may be missing. (PDF )
  • Answers to 2012 midterm (PDF)
  • 2012 Final exam (PDF) ; exam with answers (PDF)

Old Examinations

  • Answers to 2011 Final Exam  PDF
  • Answers to 2011 midterm : PDF
  • Answers to 2010 midterm (PDF) .
  • Answers to 2010 Final Exam  (PDF )

Class Materials

Here are copies of class handouts, as PDF files. They are in two formats: 1-up (the projection slides as seen in class) and handout (4-up, as distributed, but in color).

Here is a table-of-contents for the lecture notes (HTML document): it may help you to get an overview of what’s going on. It will be updated week-by-week.