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City and Regional Planning 870.03

The files here are intended for the use of students in C&RP 870.03 at OSU.

Most documents are available in two forms: as hypertext (HTML) and PDF files. The PDF files — which are correctly formatted — may require the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The HTML versions are produced by an automatic translator: if anyone notices that the symbols seem incorrect (for example, that they don’t match those in the PDF files, or if the notation changes without explanation from the one used in class) I’d appreciate being told, especially if you are viewing the material on a Macintosh.


  • 2010 Syllabus in HTML or PDF formats. This corrects a typo in Section1 : the Wooldridge chapters should be 1 and 2 (not 1 and 3).
  • URL for restricted (OSU-only) site
  • Handout: “Setting Up Models”  (PDF )
  • (Corrected) handout : “Least Squares - Summary of Results”  (PDF )
  • Revised editon: “Notes on Spatial Econometric Models”  (PDF )