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Part II
Installation and Testing

This section explains how to set up Hevea and Hacha under SWP. You will need a version of unzip that understands long file names.

6  Obtaining the files

You will need:

  1. The Hevea Win-32 system (in the file from (corresponds to Hevea 2.05) or (corresponds to Hevea 1.99). As noted above, I recommend not using version 1.99 unless you have a specific reason to do so.

    The SWP extensions themselves in the file from
  2. The Hevea manual which can be found at the main Hevea site,

Steve Mayer has produced a nice graphical front-end to Hevea (and other TEX/LATEX converters). It can be obtained from

Appendix G explains how to set up the Converter for Hevea-SWP.

7  Setting up Hevea and Hacha

  1. If you are upgrading from a previous release of Hevea, it is safe to simply get the new files and install them over the old ones.
  2. Create a directory on your disk for the Hevea files. This directory should not be part of your SWP system directory. In addition, because Hevea is a port of a Unix program, neither the directory name nor the path to it should contain spaces, so do not put the files in c:\Program Files. I suggest c:\hevea.
  3. Unzip to this directory, preserving subdirectories. You should see five subdirectories (html, text, info, mappings, and test).
  4. Unzip the files in to the same directory, preserving subdirectories. Some files may over-write previous ones: this is expected. You should verify that both the html and the text subdirectories contain a file swp.hva. If you’re not interested in the programming to support the \today macro (see section 16.1) you can delete xdate.c and xxdate.cpp.

Next we set up some batch files.

  1. Open each .bat file and make sure that the line beginning set heveadir= points to the directory where you installed Hevea. The pointer should not end with a backslash character. If you customized previous versions of the batch files, add your customizations to the new versions.
  2. Move the files to some directory in your path: that way you will be able to call the translator from any directory on your hard disk. Delete the batch files from the Hevea directory.

8  Testing the translator

The SWP distribution contains a small test file (heveatest.tex, plus graphics files heveatest.wmf and heveatest.gif) to check that the system is working. To run the test:

You can now view the result in your browser.

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