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Part VI

A  Supplied style files

This appendix lists Hevea files supplied by me, and which are not part of Luc Maranget’s Hevea distribution. Names marked with an asterisk (*) have versions in both the \html and \text subdirectories of the main Hevea directory.

File NamePurpose
swp.hva (*)General SWP support
white.hvaMake Hevea produce text on a white background
promote.hva (*)  Sections become H1 headings (and so on down) instead of H2
star.hva (*)Sections do not get numbered
sqrt.hvaSupport for the square-root macro \sqrt.
theorem.hvaSupport for the theorem package
sebase.hvaBasic Style Editor support
xhvbc.hva (*)Support for .hvb and .hvc files

B  Other supplied files

Names marked with an asterisk (*) are from the general Hevea distribution.

File NamePurpose
xxdate.exe (*)  Support for the \today macro, using Windows functions
xxdate.cpp (*)Source for xxdate.exe
xdate.exe (*)Support for the \today macro, using the TZ environment variable
xdate.c (*)Source for xdate.exe
bau.zipAlternate versions of batch files which do not use xhvbc.hva
redir.zipUtility for capturing error messages: see Appendix C

C  Recording errors

The distribution includes from D.J. Delorie, which provides a way to run Hevea and capture error reports into a file. To use redir:

  1. Unzip redir.exe into some directory in your path.
  2. Then, for the “standard” SWP-Hevea batch file hhtml.bat run
    redir -ea myerr.txt hhtml [other options] myfile

    from a DOS command line. This will capture any messages from Hevea into myerr.txt (and they will not be visible on the screen).

D  Macros in swp.hva

The following is a list of all macros defined in the \html version of swp.hva (the \text version may not have all of them), and their definition types:

Macro Defined Via
\swEXT \renewcommand
\swFRAME \renewcommand
\includegraphics \newcommand
\QTP \def
\negthinspace \def
\hfill \def
\hrulefill \def
\dotfill \def
\strut \def
\mathstrut \def
\allowbreak \def
\CustomNote \newcommand
\TCIIcon \def
\qExtProgCall \def
mathletters \newenvironment
\tag \def
\tag* \def
\notag \def
\TCItag \def
\TCItag* \def
\frame \def
\BodyTextFont \def
\QOVERD \def
\QATOPD \def
\binom \def
\QTR \def
\url \newcommand
\newline \renewcommand
\vert \def
\thinspace \def
\prime \def
\TEXTsymbol \def
\text \def
\textwidth \def
\unit \newcommand
\j \def
\msihyperref \def
comment \newenvironment
Comment \newenvironment
\Bbb \def
\Bbbk \def
\TeXButton \newcommand
\U \def
\swUNICODE \newcommand

E  Final warnings from szabo.tex

Here is the list of warnings produced by Hevea after making all the customizations described through section 18.10 of the Tutorial.

d:\ocaml\hevea\hevea-1999-12-13\html\swp.hva:164: Warning: ignoring definition of \text
.\szabo.tex:21: Warning: ignoring definition of \solution
.\szabo.tex:24: Warning: defining a macro with \renewcommand, \arraystretch
.\szabo.tex:73: Warning: \vspace with arg ``%
.\szabo.tex:5503: Warning: Undefined label: standard
basis for de
.\szabo.tex:7687: Warning: Undefined label: nullspace basis 1
.\szabo.tex:8124: Warning: Undefined label: invertibility:f
.\szabo.tex:8184: Warning: Undefined label: invertibility:f
.\szabo.tex:8519: Warning: Undefined label: isomorphismtheorem
.\szabo.tex:9335: Warning: Undefined label: matrix-column product theorem
.\szabo.tex:9336: Warning: Undefined label: matrix-vector combination theorem
.\szabo.tex:10679: Warning: Multiple definitions for label: matrix norms
.\szabo.tex:11173: Warning: Undefined label: positive
.\szabo.tex:11467: Warning: Undefined label: trace inner
product on R23
.\szabo.tex:11791: Warning: Multiple definitions for label: pearson
.\szabo.tex:12510: Warning: Multiple definitions for label: concrete orthogonal projections
.\szabo.tex:13155: Warning: Multiple definitions for label: gram schmidt process
.\szabo.tex:15916: Warning: Undefined label: concrete
orthogonal projections
.\szabo.tex:16093: Warning: Multiple definitions for label: least squares
.\szabo.tex:16104: Warning: Undefined label: matrix transformation
.\szabo.tex:16106: Warning: Undefined label: image equals column space
.\szabo.tex:16668: Warning: Undefined label: orthogonal diagonalizability
.\szabo.tex:16772: Warning: Undefined label: matrix-column product theorem
.\szabo.tex:18298: Warning: Undefined label: singular value decomposition theorem
.\szabo.tex:18321: Warning: Undefined label: mutally orthogonal vectors
.\szabo.tex:18390: Warning: Undefined label: zerokernel
.\szabo.tex:19150: Warning: Undefined label: orthogonal
.\szabo.tex:19566: Warning: Undefined label: inverse eigenvalue theorem

F  Alternate batch files

As noted in the text, support for document-specific configuration files is through the Hevea package xhvbc.hva; this is a recent addition to the Hevea-SWP setup, and has not been thoroughly tested. In case this turns out to be flawed, I provide an alternative set of batch files, which take a different approach. If Hevea seems not to be finding its document-specific files, you may want to try these files.

The files are contained in the archive, and have the same names as the batch files, but extension .bau. To install them:

  1. unzip .
  2. rename the .bau files as .bat
  3. make sure the set heveadir = lines point to the location of the Hevea executables.
  4. Over-write the previous batch files with these ones.

Important: the .bau batch files have a significantly different syntax from the “regular” batch files:

The reason is that we need to tell, from a variable number of command-line parameters, which is the source file (so it must come first) and we need to extract just the file name (so you can’t include the extension) in order to make up the full name of the .hvb file. The batch file checks for the existence of the .hvb file associated with your source, and depending on whether it is found, branches to a different Hevea command line.

G  Steve Mayer’s TEX-Converter

This Appendix explains how to set up Steve Mayer’s TEX-Converter, a graphical front-end to TEX conversion programs, to work with the SWP version of Hevea. We will be setting up a series of Configurations, which you can select using the Load Configuration button on the Converter. The names of the configurations will correspond to the names of the batch files discussed here, except that we do not support fhevea for running Hevea as a filter.

Assuming you’ve successfully installed the TEX-Converter, and have the correct paths set up for Hevea, here’s how to configure it for the SWP support:

  1. Start the TEX-Converter and select the HeVeA tab. Make sure Include Style Files is checked, and that File Output is HTML.

    In the Excluded File box enter tcilatex.tex. Then for each column in the table below

    - - - - - -swp.hvaswp.hvaswp.hvaswp.hva
     - - - - - -article.hvabook.hvabook.hva
      - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - -

    Now check the radio button marked Text and enter one more configuration:

    - - - - - -
  2. Check the box at the bottom-right indicating that you are using a Hevea version later than 1.04.
  3. Click on the Help tab. Make sure the Save Preferences box is checked.

The TEX-Converter is now ready to use with Hevea-for-SWP. For example, to convert the Style-Editor book szabo.tex to HTML using the converter’s version of the sebook batch file:

  1. Start the Converter, switch to the Hevea tab.
  2. If you are using Hevea 1.05+ note under Hevea version the box for 1.05 or later is unchecked. The only thing that this does is provide support for the \today macro via xxdate.exe, but if you are using Hevea 1.05+ you should probably check it. Under the Help tab, make sure that Save Preferences is checked; this will make the setting the default.
  3. In the left-hand window, click Browse and locate your source document.
  4. If you defined sebook as the Default Configuration, no other changes are necessary. Otherwise click Load Configuration. Select the sebook configuration, and click OK.
  5. Click Convert.

Final notes:

  1. As explained in section 9.1, the support for personal configuration (.hvb) files in xhvbc.hva prints out a message confirming that it has found your .hvb file. This may cause the TEX-Converter to think that there was a problem with the translation (this may also depend on the length of the path and filename of your source: the Converter makes its decision based on the size of the log file), and to light up the Errors in Log button. If this happens when it shouldn’t and you find it annoying, edit xhvbc.hva and remove the call to the \typeout{} macro.
  2. As noted in Appendix F, the document-specific configuration support via xhvbc.hva is new. If Hevea does not find your .hvb files, you will need to alter the Configuration definitions as well as the file convert.bat. The latter is complicated, so I’m not providing instructions here. If you think this is happening, first try to convert your source with the batch files (ie outside the TEX-Converter). If the problem persists, let me know and I’ll provide instructions.

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